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5 Apps To Reduce Stress and Boost Your Calm Power!

Yes, you read that right, there are apps to reduce stress and yes, they really work! Sometimes just the thought of trying to reduce stress seems overwhelming. But you know that you are smarter, more powerful, more creative, not to mention happier and healthier, when you are not stressed out. Unfortunately, way too often stress […]

5 Pitfalls of “New Year, New You!” And How To Outsmart Them!

It’s that time of year when every media source inundates you with promises of foolproof ways to become a New You in the New Year. Of course, these tantalizing offers are complete with urgency-ramping “deals” suggesting you should act now before the price goes up or all your friends get more organized, productive, happy, svelte, […]

Stop The Stress That Sneaks Up On You With These 5 Tips

To stop the stress that surrounds you on a daily basis, you have to watch your diet. No, I’m not talking about calories. Although, it really is quite similar: if you want to lose weight, you know you have to pay attention to what you eat. Mindless calories—those free samples, preparation nibbles, and little “cheats”—have […]

Feeling Stuck?

How To Dig Out Of 5 Stress & Misery Thinking Traps!   I was all set to write about the science of gratitude, but I can’t stop thinking about some tough conversations I’ve had this week. Maybe it was the Super Moon or raging post-election emotions, but for whatever reason, this week I found myself […]

Another Reason To Thank Our Veterans!

Their healing journeys are providing hope for us all to learn better ways to create resilience, wholeness, and well-being in a world of stress and trauma. Much of what we know about the science of stress emerged from the challenges in military medicine to find new ways to deal with trauma to mind, body, and […]

Happy National Stress Awareness Day!

Today is National Stress Awareness Day in the UK! This morning’s Guardian started the day with alarming statistics that have been discussed throughout the day around the world. Stress is a worldwide health epidemic according to the WHO. As if you needed more reminders of how stressed you feel!!! But you might need reminding that, […]

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