Igniting Your Human Potential With Science
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You’re constantly being asked to do more with less. Everyone from C-level execs to associates, in every industry, is under the same pressure. We pretend this is a temporary situation, but it’s here to stay. And the only way to address it isn’t just to change the way you work, but change the way you think.

The key to shifting out of overwhelm mode and into one of focused productivity is to stop managing stress–and start leveraging energy. Stress isn’t going anywhere; energy, however, is a finite resource. I’ll show you ways to work independently and as a team to shift your cultural attitudes, personal habits, expectations, and practices, so that you can do more than just ‘get by’ during this time of not-enough; you can thrive.

Learn Science and Wisdom-based Strategies to:

  • Put more of your best YOU in your life
  • Keep stress and overwhelm from draining you, your people and profits
  • Empower resilient brilliance
  • Cut the high costs of turnover, burnout, and presenteeism
  • Retool your approach to the “work-life” challenge
  • Energize creativity and brainpower with simple shifts
  • Create habits to optimize energy, focus, health, happiness, and profits
  • Engage minds, change conversations and cultures, motivate behaviors, and even have fun! (Yes, humans are more brilliant when they play!)

Dr. Ackrill’s keynotes focus on applying the science of human performance and motivation to the art of being happy, healthy, productive humans, energized and focused leaders. Her goal is to support true transformation—empowering you with pragmatic skills to be your best within the real challenges of your life.

She gets it: behavior change is really hard—for individuals and groups! You have to actually rewire your brain!  So you need a system to disrupt your “busy” for “re-attention to your intentions,” a way to tap intrinsic motivation more than willpower, and skills to optimize energy and manage obstacles such as stress.

Dr. Ackrill enjoys helping you create fun, energized, creative events. She knows humans learn and perform better with a culture of curiosity and play. She provides proven science, grounded wisdom, and immediately applicable tools that inspire change. And she is happy to facilitate the discussions your group needs to tackle the energy drains and create more flow. Dr. Ackrill will customize her workshops and keynotes to meet your group’s specific needs.

Curious what could shift? Explore some of Dr. Ackrill’s most requested workshops:

Stress Happens...Get a Plan!

3 steps to building your coping confidence

I hate to tell you this, but it turns out there is no magical island where your to-do list is totally completed and you have nothing left to do but sip something tropical and enjoy the breeze! Real life includes a lot of stress—yes, much of it unnecessary or a product of your over-busy mind—but there are still plenty of real challenges to test your health and happiness.

The secret to thriving in this too much, too fast world is “coping confidence.” Humans are actually programmed for adaptability, but you were not taught how to harness your power. You must learn proactive strategies and skills—effective science and wisdom-based ways to ramp up your self-care, calm-power, brilliance and resilience. And the good news: it may only take a few “tweaks” for you to start reclaiming your precious time, energy, and focus, and happiness.


Leading Resilience

From self-leadership to organizational influence—what you need now to build a resilient life, team and organization

Change fatigue, uncertainty, constant demand to do more with less, and 24/7 accountability overwhelm the stress-coping mechanisms of many bright, determined high-achievers. Many more wonder if there is a better way, other than continually working harder, to manage, pace, perform, and connect. How can you be at your best and bring out the best in others?

Resilience is a skill set—real life, brain-optimizing strategies, not traditionally taught, nor supported by our business practices, but critical to sustaining, focus, energy, health, and happiness…not to mention innovation and profits. Learn to apply the science of human performance to create “resilient brilliance”, energize leaders, and support personal and organizational health for sustained success and deeper meaning.

This is often presented as a workshop combined with facilitated sessions to address organizational energy drains and brainstorm ways to optimize individuals and the business.


The Missing Course on Managing Your Life

Or, can't I just take a pill for that?

You are bright, hard working, and very accomplished. You may have alphabet (JD. MBA, PhD, etc…) after your name to prove it, but you are also probably chronically tired and wondering if there is a better way to manage everything on your plate and still have time for you.

Unfortunately, what got you to the top of the heap does not sustain you in today’s 24/7 world. Putting yourself last on your list eventually takes its toll on everything and everyone. It’s time to apply the science of human performance and some of your hard-earned wisdom to explore better ways to optimize your energy and focus for lasting health, productivity, and happiness. Learn specific strategies you can put into play now and reclaim some “you!”


Building Self-Care into Healthcare

A better life for you, your patients, and your loved ones

Brilliant, caring professionals are burning out at alarming rates and the fallout affects every one of us. But more than likely your education left out a critical course: taking care of you while you take care of others! And now working harder and harder is not enough to stay afloat in a healthcare culture that continues to reinforce, even reward martyrdom and unhealthy patterns.

The good news: it’s not to late to make easy, small changes that will truly improve personal health and happiness, as well as relationships, engagement, patient outcomes, and finances. The key is to start reclaiming your energy, focus, health, and happiness by learning specific proactive strategies for energy management—ways to incorporate renewal of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energy into your busy life.

It’s time to shift conversations, priorities, and practices to take back control of your life, your work, your leadership to deliver better health and more effective care for all, including YOU!


From Idea to Habit — The Roadmap

Making behavior change easier

You already know a lot of things you “could’ or “should” do to be healthier, happier, more productive, but there is a huge leap from knowing to doing! In fact only 1 in 9 people manage successful habit change when faced with cardiac surgery! So how can you make it easier to succeed? Apply the science of behavior change. Start by vetting your goals properly, tap your intrinsic motivation, and then learn to work with your brain, embrace all your wonderful human-ness and coach yourself to success.