Igniting Your Human Potential With Science
My Approach

Aware. Mindful. Resilient.

Drawing on my background in applied neuroscience, the science of human performance and behavior change, plus years of experience as a seasoned physician with insight into the workings of the human body, I help leaders move beyond trying to manage stress to start leveraging it and managing their energy.

Here’s the Problem

Improperly managed stress cripples you, silently robbing you of your focus, energy, brilliance, health, happiness, leadership effectiveness, and even profits!The nature of the stress reaction compromises the executive center of the brain responsible for your awareness, emotional and cognitive intelligence- the very things you need to manage life well. Unfortunately, you do not feel these effects until stress levels rise high enough create symptoms.

What a waste of your most precious resource—you! I’m on a mission to help you reduce this waste and maximize your time, effort, and focus.

Now more than ever you need strategies to be resilient in the moment, to cool down the stress to power up your brain, and for the long haul.You need a game plan grounded in your values, strengths and purpose.

The Tipping Point of Stress

Yes, a certain amount of stress is critical for your motivation, but you must have the skills and self-efficacy to handle what life deals out to truly thrive. And the challenge has intensified as the rate of change has escalated.

Life has become 24/7, global, virtual, technological, and you are at the mercy of distraction, interruption, and information overload, not to mention the residual and chronic stress spurred by economic and environmental disasters. Our current business and life behaviors have created demands that overload the human stress reaction system.

High achievers are at greater risk because they have been trained to work through the warning signs, to do more with less, and balance lives that are over-packed—all with far less support than in decades past. Who knew you’d be awakening daily to a full inbox of demands or typing your own letters and formatting powerpoint slides in your “spare” time?

So What Now?

The answer is not to bag it all and move to the deserted island (though the idea is tempting). This is an emergent problem that needs a systems approach to apply the science of human performance and the wisdom of your experience. And you need support to find and make the small shifts that will bring you exponential rewards in your energy, focus, health, and happiness.

Behavior change is inherently hard. Only 1 in 9 people successfully make lifestyle changes when faced with the risk of death after cardiac surgery! Creating new habits requires planning and skills—something I can help you do.

But you also need to believe it can happen. Research shows that one of the best predictors of positive outcomes in health and productivity is your belief that you can handle the challenges thrown your way.

I can teach you to put realistic strategies in place—but even more importantly, I can empower you do it so that you don’t just think it will help; you’ll know it can.

I can help you determine:

  • The small investments in yourself that will bring you compound interest

  • Which acts of self-care and self-leadership will empower your ability to lead and serve

  • How to facilitate successful behavior change and lifestyle choices

  • And…How to find daily joy in the process