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You will learn to apply the latest research to your life to get a grip on stress in the present, and prevent it from wrecking your focus in the future.

Crack the stress code. Use the latest science to access more brainpower, energy, and overcome overwhelm once and for all.

Build a personal stress dashboard so you can adjust your energy on the fly.

Defuse stress in the moment. Find out what strategies can keep panic and fear from derailing your day.

Lay the ground work for future calm. Once you have put the right measures in place, you can get beyond the EMT approach to stress and prevent stress from erupting in the future.

Who would you be if stress wasn’t holding you back?

Your investment includes:

*12 ground-breaking, power-packed webinars sessions

*Simple yet effective (proven) exercises

*Access to continuing resources


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“Cindi provides the knowledge of a physician and the wisdom of a business coach is one package.”
– Jan Trout, BCBS

“Dr. Ackrill is an articulate and impassioned speaker who offers clear, useful and insightful information. Her humor and candor creates a relaxed learning environment in which comprehensive information can be discussed and absorbed.”

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