Igniting Your Human Potential With Science

What if there is an easier, happier, more effective way to be living your life?



I would be less stressed if_________________________

I could be more effective if_________________________

I would be happier and healthier if___________________­­_______

My team would be less stressed if__________________________


You already know a lot of answers for these “if only’s.” You keep a grocery list of “should’s” on your mental to-do list. But it is soooo hard to get clear about the real challenges, find the right strategies, implement, and stick with them!!! Especially when you are already so busy!

Trust me, even those ‘peak performers,’ who seem to make it look so easy, struggle with real thought and behavior changes. You actually have to rewire your brain to make a change last! And that requires realistic strategies to manage attention, clarity, energy, motivation, obstacles, support, and reward.

Our cultural expectations certainly do not help. But there is more than enough proof that ‘should’ is lousy motivator, as is beating yourself up (though, so very popular among high-achievers!) Willpower turns out to be a very limited brain resource. Busy-ness is the enemy of effective.

And though martyrdom, ‘pushing through’, and ‘going it alone’ are all rewarded, they are not sustainable choices or good leadership. Humans are wired to figure it out together. Research shows there is power and leadership excellence, not shame, in vulnerability. Your brain cannot even see all the possibilities or lead effectively when over-stressed. Resilience is a skill set using the human strengths of curiosity, connection, and compassion.

Deep in your heart and wisdom you know this. Now let’s figure out how to use that wisdom, together with science to find your best flow!


Are you ready to create real strategies to move into the heart of connection and meaning?

  • To align your days with your vision and values?
  • To find simple “tweaks” for more ease, focus, energy, health, and happiness?
  • To harness the power of self-care in your leadership and life?

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