Speaker-Leadership Coach-Stress Expert

coaching2Without proactive strategies you really cannot achieve all you want in life. Yet finding which strategies work for you in your life, and following through on the behavior changes required is extraordinarily hard, especially when you are overwhelmed with choices and daily urgent demands.

Coaching offers the opportunity to clarify your choices and co-create realistic strategies with an objective and supportive thought partner and expert. The guidance and accountability can lead you to new ways of greater control, improved performance, life satisfaction, and ease.


I work one-on-one with executives as well as with teams and groups to create the strategies that will work in your real life—proven approaches that will increase your energy, focus, effectiveness, health and happiness, reconnecting you to deeper satisfaction.

Individual Coaching: I work with executives on a weekly or bi-monthly basis to clarify challenges and goals and design personalized strategies for success. Here’s what you can expect:

You will:

  • Work one-on-one in a private video or phone call, with session recorded for your reference if desired.
  • Do an audit of your current strengths and challenges
  • Understand how stress affects you personally, so you can increase awareness and intervene effectively
  • Learn Cool Down to Power Up techniques for immediate de-stressing
  • Establish long-range strategies to successfully reduce and manage future stress
  • Create a values and mission based GPS to guide your future decisions
  • Have the opportunity to use Heartmath biofeedback to improve stress resilience training (optional)

Group Coaching

I can work with you and your team to help identify productivity obstacles and establish strategies for improved productivity and flow. As part of the group package, you will:

  • Have one 4-hour workshop with your team
  • Take advantage of 3 individual coaching sessions for each of your team members
  • Gain insight into your own individual and group habits and patterns that are hindering your success, and how to improve them
  • Have the opportunity to use Heartmath biofeedback, which uses a simple measure of the variation of your heart rate to help you train greater stress control and resilience(optional)




  • Energy, focus, clarity
  • Resilience
  • Access to brilliance and creativity
  • Engagement with purpose
  • Work/life integration
  • Leadership effectiveness
  • Performance capacities
  • Deep satisfaction



  • Inefficiency
  • Overwhelm, Stress
  • Fatigue
  • Frustration
  • Burnout/Turnover
  • Health risks, costs
  • Profit losses

There is more to us than we know. If we can be made to see it

perhaps for the rest of our lives we will be unwilling to settle for less.” –Kurt Hahn

What small shifts would bring you exponential rewards in your life?

6-Month Coaching Engagements

Ideal for the team or individual who’s committed to long-term self development and improvement and key shifts for full achievement capacity across several initiatives or goals for the next years. What can you do in six months?

In-depth assessment: Focus on performance capacity, energy audit, strengths/resilience assessments and interviews.

  • Initial in-person meeting: Deliver results, evaluate work-smart options, co-create goals/plan/metrics, initiate strategies
  • 6-month collaboration: 2-3 sessions/month to insure accountability to goals, proactively plan for obstacles, brainstorm
  • Ongoing, phone/email education and support


  • Subsequent in-person meetings: Deliver 1-2 more on-site visits for more intensive work together, pushing through stuck points, updating visions, addressing related issues, brainstorming
  • Meeting with spouse, partners, and other significant role-players
  • emWave stress management /performance/health device with personalized training
  • 360 assessment
  • Workshop with leadership team

3-Month Goal-Specific Engagement

Laser-focused approach to addressing one particular challenge, initiative, or skill/behavior change over a three-month period.

  • Assessments appropriate to target challenge; in-depth interview
  • In-person or Skype/phone meeting to deliver assessment and fully address the system in which the challenge operates, layout plan and metrics, and initiate strategies
  • 3-month collaboration: Coaching sessions weekly or bi-weekly according to suit goal success and schedules
  • Ongoing targeted education and email support
  • Options: Include 360 interviews specific to issue; emWave device with training; workshop with team or family around target challenge

“Dr. Cindi Ackrill is a dedicated champion for the realization of full potential in leaders everywhere. She realizes that most women and men in leadership positions are significantly limited – by unattended stress, sleep deprivation, excessive weight, poor physical fitness or unhealthy lifestyle practices – in ways that significantly diminish their creativity, courage, and decision making capacity. She brings the latest performance science, valuable stories, and persuasive charm to her talks, workshops and performance coaching. The result is the scale of lifestyle change that we’ve all heard about, but previously found to be elusive. I know! She got me started on a program I continue today. She is the very rare real deal!” – Bruce Fritch, Strategist/Coach/President, Fritch Consulting Firm

Team Coaching Engagement

Create a smarter, more focused team, facilitate a culture shift, and hone in on a specific team performance challenge.

  • In-depth interviews, pre/post assessments appropriate to situation
  • Initial in-person meeting, 2-3 days for delivery of group results and education session, group strategy facilitation, identification and implementation of goals/plan/metrics, individual interviews with key members
  • 6-month collaboration: Coaching for key members and others as determined by size of team and project goals
  • Subsequent in-person meetings: As appropriate for group coaching/facilitation and wrap up, and celebration!

Team AdvantageTeam Advantage = Team + Game (plan) + Coaching

As a certified Team Advantage Coach, I work in partnership with Pyramid Resource Group to deliver this unique and powerful team transformation. Coaching provides the missing link when compared to most team building programs or strategic plans. I work as a partner with the team as they take full ownership of a 4 month game plan to achieve an extraordinary goal that they identify.

“Dr. Ackrill worked with me as a coach earlier this year. Thanks to Dr. Ackrill, I conquered old habits that had been limiting my efficiency and increasing stress. More importantly, she showed me how to establish healthy new habits which bring together what I had previously thought were irreconcilable: maintaining a reasonable level of physical fitness while on a chronic “workaholic’s” schedule. I believe anyone who is facing barriers to personal or career accomplishments would do well to consult Cynthia.” –K.B Partner, President of Investment Firm Attorney

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