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"Drawing on my background in applied neuroscience, the science of human performance and behavior change, plus years of experience as a seasoned physician with insight into the workings of the human body,  I help leaders move beyond trying to manage stress to start leveraging it and managing their energy."
"I can work with you and your team to develop real-life strategies that can transform energy levels, improve focus, and help you establish a deeper, revitalizing connection to your work and your life. "
About Dr.Ackrill

Cynthia Ackrill M.D. is a leader in the field of stress management and an expert in the critical relationships between lifestyle choices, performance capacities, and leadership effectiveness. The rare deal– a physician trained in neuroscience and wellness and leadership coaching, she travels the world to teach better ways to lead and thrive in the face of stress and constant change.

She leads workshops to reduce the waste of human capital, health, happiness, and profits lost to stress and ineffective leadership. And she continues one-on-one and team ...

stop the stress

To stop the stress that surrounds you on a daily basis, you have to watch your diet. No, I’m not talking about calories. Although, it really is quite similar: if you want to lose weight, you know you have to pay attention to what you eat. Mindless calories—those free samples, preparation nibbles, and little “cheats”—have […]

feeling stuck

How To Dig Out Of 5 Stress & Misery Thinking Traps!   I was all set to write about the science of gratitude, but I can’t stop thinking about some tough conversations I’ve had this week. Maybe it was the Super Moon or raging post-election emotions, but for whatever reason, this week I found myself […]


Their healing journeys are providing hope for us all to learn better ways to create resilience, wholeness, and well-being in a world of stress and trauma. Much of what we know about the science of stress emerged from the challenges in military medicine to find new ways to deal with trauma to mind, body, and […]